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So the first week of competition for The Earwolf Challenge is complete…did you all listen? What did you think?

Embarking on this project, we were incredibly excited. We all stand pretty strongly behind our show and were confident that we could last at least a few rounds in this competition. That isn’t a slight on the other shows (who are all swell), but more a comment on how we view what we do. When we heard the first challenge was intro, we were relieved because we had what we felt was a pretty well-polished opening with a theme song, teases, jokes, and ramped up well for people jumping into the show.

So imagine our horror when we found out we were in the bottom three. In the VERY first challenge of the competition.

When we got the call, as it was ringing I think we were all still in a bit of disbelief that they were calling US. B-but didn’t they know that we assumed they’d love us? DIDN’T THEY TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION?

I thought many of the notes they gave us were fair and can lead to a stronger opening for LHR. After they hung up, and before they called back for the 3-way elimination call, we were sweating bullets and second guessing everything we’d done. I felt a little sick, because I sorta led the charge of “I feel REALLY good about our chances in this challenge you guys.” It was like getting a cold bucket of water tossed on you while relaxing on the couch, eyes closed.

That 3-way call…MAN, for a second we thought we’d be the first group told we were safe…and then that didn’t happen. And we stood in silence. While Matt, Jimmy, and Jason tried to decide the best way to announce the elimination. Do they say who is safe, or do they say who is eliminated? Listening to the show today, it was only a few seconds, but at the time it felt like they debated for 3 minutes. Silently, we were looking at each other with more anxiety than I’d ever seen in any of our faces. When we were announced as the “safe” show, we all breathed a sigh of relief (which you can sorta hear if you listen closely after Matt makes the announcement). Emotions are like a roller coaster y’all! Has anyone ever said that before? Probably not, ever, I’m guessing.

So we moved on to week 3 of the show. It sucks that we fell to the bottom three in the first competition, but a) it lit a fire under our asses for sure, and b) we DID get to talk to Jimmy Pardo and Jason Sklar! That was a positive takeaway.

Also, sad to see Wrestling Team off the show…they have a fantastic writeup about the experience on their Tumblr, from which I’m going to quote right now:

When you bomb on stage, the big question you ask yourself is, “How can I do this better next time?” Beginnings lacked that instant feedback, so we had to rely on our instincts in building the show. It turns out that the judges provided a much-needed outside perspective, which forced us to evaluate the show from an audience member’s point of view.

I think the same could be said for us as well. In podcasting, and at our level, you really do operate in a bit of a bubble. That outside perspective is clutch. Go check out Wrestling Team’s show Beginnings with utmost immediacy.

On to week 3!