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She turned away quickly, to hide the tears in her eyes. John watched her go. Past the Field MVP seats, past the Terrace MVP seats, around the concourse and down the tunnel. Angels Stadium was designed to seat 45,050 fans safely, efficiently, and comfortably. The architects did not consider the speed with which one slight woman in wedge heels could exit the stadium from the railing next to the home dugout. No one had, until that very moment.

John watched the entire time, unsure whether he was making sure she left, or hoping she would turn around.

He watched until her pink Angels cap vanished down the tunnel. And then he had his answer.

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S.H.O.O.T. First #4, January 2014, written by Justin Aclin, penciled by Nicolas Daniel Selma

There is a Thank You, Robot reference in this issue. Truth!

BTW, see Thank You, Robot tonight (Jan 17th) at 10:30pm. Under St Marks. Laura Willcox is sitting in with us. Also up: Magic Buttons and Flynt.



By the way…you’re on Taxi Cash. the game show taxi!

The final Podtoon of 2013!

I remember this sketch quite well because it was the first real argument we ever had a a sketch group.

We were in the second week of The Earwolf Challenge and were almost eliminated in the first week because the judges felt our show intro shouldn’t be a bit and instead literally explain to listeners what our show was (“It’s a sketch comedy show - it’s Left Handed Radio!”). We did not expect it and were nervous.

Our second challenge was to generate content representative of our show. We did this, a quick interstitial, and a super short sketch (Salad Horse?). Boz wrote the first draft and everyone was still jumpy about not being good enough in this competition so we went round and round and round again about every single line in the draft. We also had a time limit on our submission so everything was being analyzed. I think we argued about it longer than it took to actually produce the sketch. I believe I did rewrite on this? But it was the most tense the group had ever been at that moment. Once we heard our final product and what it sounded like compared to everyone else on TEC we relaxed a bit. We were still trying to discover group dynamic.

I love the joy in Taylor and Anna’s performances here, the commitment to being on a game show. I played the cab driver. I’m glad Rich animated the dreads and disguise on my character because that’s what I saw as I recorded it originally. But I see every character I voice dressed as a Rastafarian so maybe that’s just a coincidence.

Rich had the shortest turnaround time for this one, which also happened to be the most frantic of all four eps. He worked quickly and once again did his job so well you’d never know this fact from the final product. I’m constantly amazed at his talents.

We have had a blast being able to realize one of our big, original goals for LHR, which was turn it into a web series with a major online distributor. It took three years but it happened. Above Average has been dumb-wonderful to work with and have had great notes and suggestions for us all along the way. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

The snowball for our group has been rolling downhill for a few months now and we’re really excited for 2014. This has been a year of strange challenges and growth for us. That you have all continued to listen means so much to us. We don’t get the typical feedback most shows get from their listeners (as in, practically none at all), but we see the numbers. There are a lot of you out there and that’s all we need to know. :D

New Podtoon!

So Bozarth’s this, like, peerless comedy writer that people in New York seem to have forgotten about because they’re too worried about who has a credit on the UCB Performers page. Everything he writes is funny and sometimes it’s fucking frustrating because you are writing a first draft and you see the specter of his great work in your brain and it’s like “Well let’s throw this computer out the window and instead figure out how to be the world’s best garbage collector because I just CAN’T.”

Adam loves privacy and is distrustful of large corporate machinery. He wrote this great piece that simultaneously satirizes the constant need for corporate culture to get your information IRL and the fake-upgrades that are inherent in any website registration. It works on more than one level because that’s what good writing does.

Kathy Salerno and Jeremy Bent worked with us for a while last summer and they’re both incredibly gifted writers and performers. Kathy threw some weird shit at Jeremy while they recorded and because Jeremy’s an incredible improvisor and supergenius, he played to it without even flinching. He’s one of the best straight men in NYC. I am biased because I’ve performed with him for 7 years now and have watched him become exactly that. I’m also biased by FACTS.

The barista shirt was a fun joke that Anna, Brett, and I came up with during a meeting, trying to come up with the vague slogans companies use that ALMOST make sense. I think the “shirt” punchline was Brett’s? I can’t recall.

It may have the least amount of silliness of all four episodes but Rich Chapple gets a lot of acting mileage out of Jeremy’s character. He has to get a lot across here and of course sticks the landing like he’s Carol Danvers flying a puddle jumper.

We have one more episode coming in December. Thanks all for watching this series and please share as much as you can!



Just made a tiny step towards making a life-long dream come true.
These are three of the first draft samples of the first season of my clothing line, albeit. Thirty years in the making.

I was too excited to iron them out.

I want that cardigan!