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Tonight your audition is like:

Inline image 3
And you walk out of the room like:
Inline image 1
And they’re like:
Inline image 2
Then that phone’s gonna ring like:
Inline image 4
And then they’ll post the list with your names on it and everyone will be like:
Inline image 5

You know what you’re doing.


me too Tony

me too.

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AND in Smallville.


everyone’s favorite corgi.


everyone’s favorite corgi.

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A statement to ULine, our former office supply vendor. Basic human rights trump deals on office supplies any day of the week.

Nicely done, guys.

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Can y’all boost this? My buddy Kyle is missing in Tempe, AZ. A picture is in the article.

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New episode of MATT & BRETT LOVE COMICS!


To celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Matt and Brett have joined with Chikara wrestling guru Mike Quackenbush to read the first ever limited series starring the Marvel sequel’s breakout star: The Falcon! What other Marvel characters does Mike have an affinity for? What’s it like eating lunch with Larry Hama? Just how good of friends was Mike with Marvel editor legend Mark Gruenwald? Find out in this episode!

The story:

Anthony Mackie was a badass in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Want to see where The Falcon came from? This is it. We cover “The Falcon” #1-4, a series that sets up a great world around Sam Wilson. Priest (writing here as Jim Owsley) just gets this character. It features Paul Smith art on the first issue, who was immediately afterwards moved to “Uncanny X-Men.” The remaining issues are drawn by Mark Bright who, along with Priest, would go on to create “Quantum & Woody.”

The guest:

The incredible Mike Quackenbush, esteemed owner of CHIKARA, one of the best professional wrestling organizations in the US. Mike has great insight into comics. He cares about them and is just a ton of fun to talk to. We had a really great time and he gives us some amazing stories. If you read comics you really should check out CHIKARA, the storytelling style is so similar. The events are a blast.

Follow the links above for more info. Thanks for listening.

Catching up with an old friend.

Sign of the times.

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This is the climax of X-Men: Days of Future Past.